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BIOL 2160 Sample Exam 2

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160
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1Dr William Stickle Name Exam IIWintersession 20112012 100 PointsSS A True or false 15 questions x 2 points each30 pointsBubble in A on your Scantron if the statement is true or B if the statement is false1 Clinical symptoms of glucose in the urine and the presence of autoantibodies against the Beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans would lead to a diagnosis of the form of Diabetes mellitus known as adult onset False juvenile onset 2The T wave component of an EKG trace is due to Kefflux from the ventricles True3Podocytes are associated with the glomerular capsule True 4The hormone responsible for stimulating testosterone production in man is LH True 5Insulin and growth factors activate a second messenger system embedded in the cell membrane known as the Phospholipase CCa False Tyrosine Kinases 6The hormone secreted by the pineal gland whose plasma concentration follows acircadian rhythm which peaks at night is melatonin7The most abundant type of leukocyte is the lymphocyte False neutrophil 8The reason that the secondary response of circulating antibodies is a higher concentration in the plasma for a longer time period than the primary response is because of the presence of more plasma cells False more memory cells9The tubular component of mans circulatory system with the smallest totalcrosssectional area is the capillaries True10 The hormone system which is activated when a person hemorrhages and loses a False renin released bysubstantial volume of blood is the aldosterone systemjuxtaglomerular apparatus11 It is possible for man to increase the amount of oxygen arriving at the cells of his body during exercise by about 56 times the resting amount as a result of adaptations of the cardiovascular systems True12 The extrinsic control of stroke volume in the human heart is due to the preload of blood in the left ventricle False13 The osmolality of urine is controlled by the circulating concentration of antidiuretichormone True14 The enzyme which converts fibrinogen to the fibrin threads of the blood clot is
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