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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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BIOL 3040Final Exam Study GuideDescribe the process of artificial selectionoObtain an organism with the traits we want and use that organism as the parent for the next generation Continue to repeat this process for years always choosing the organism in the generation with the most beneficial traitsList and describe the three conditions necessary for natural selection to occur within a populationoVariation inheritance differential reproductive successWhat are the parts or features of a phylogenyoTaxona group of related organismsoNodesbranch points where the tree splitsoRootthe common lineage from which all species indicated on the tree are derivedHow would you determine the relationships among taxa when comparing two phylogenies with different topologiesoTrace and find a common ancestorDetermine the number of independent contrast possible for a given phylogenyoPage 170 Count nodesGiven a genotype or allele frequency calculate the frequencies of the other genotypes and allelesoGenotype frequency ex p2q2 2pqoAllele frequency ex pq opq1p22pqq21Predict the rates of fixation under directional selection if the A allele is dominant the A 11and A alleles are codominant and if the A allele is recessive21oIf A1 is dominant its i
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