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Biol 3040 Exam 4 And Final Notes (got the best grade in class)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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BIOL3040ChrisGreggExam4FinalNotesChapter17SexualSelection1Good genes offspring health survivalaFig 171bInteractions among individuals of the opposite sex rather than the environmentiFeathers are a proxysignal of the males genes1Females preferred more elaborate feathersWhich of the following is most likely to have been produced by sexual selectionaLions manebBright colors of females flowerscDifferent sizes of male and female pineconesdCamouflage coloration in animals2Overview of Sexual SelectionaSexual selection selection generated by differential access to oppositesex gametes matesbIntersexual selection individuals of one sex select among individuals of the other sex as matescIntrasexual selections members of one sex most often males compete with each other for mating access to the other sex3Four Basic Mating SystemsaFig 172iMonogamyone male one female1Serial monogamy pair with an individual for one mating season then another one next seasoniiPolygnyone male multiple femalesiiiPolyandryone female multiple malesivPolygnandrymultiple males and femalesBIOL3040ChrisGreggExam4FinalNotes4Different Selective ProcessesaAnisogamy difference in the size of the gametes that forms the basis of the definition of males and femalesiBecause eggs are limiting resource males should compete for access to mating opportunities with femalesiiBecause eggs are expensive and rare females should be the choosier sex1Eggs are larger and more energetically expensivehigher replacement value2In species with internal gestation females are usually the only sex to devote energy to offspring before they are bornbMale and Female Reproductive SuccessiFig 173iiReproductive success for male and female bitterling fishiiiMost males did not produce many offspring while some males did produce offspringWhich of the following should make females the choosier sexaEggs are expensive and rare compared to spermbFemales tend to invest more in gestation and parental carecFemale quality never plays a roles in male mating decisionsdMales and females show about the same variation in qualityeAB5Intersexual SelectionaIndividuals of one sec select among individuals of the other sex as matesiDirect BenefitsiiGood GenesiiiRunaway Sexual SelectionivSensory Bias
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