Chapter 19 Objectives (98% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 3040

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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 19 Coevolution191 Coevolution and MutualismDefine coevolution and explain why coevolution differs from evolutionary change in a single speciesie intraspecific vs interspecific interactionsoCoevolutionParallel evolution of 2 species in which changes in heritable traits in one lad to changes in heritable traits in the otheroIntraspecific Interactants share the same gene pool natural selection acts on alternate alleles in the gene pooloInterspecific Interactants do not share the same gene poolDescribe the two types of coevolutionary interactionsoMutualistic interactions both species benefitoAntagonistic interactions changes in each species decreases the fitness of the otherSummarize the interactions between leafcutter ants fungi and bacteriaoAnts promote growth of the fungi while eating mycelium and the ants protect the fungi garden The ants also have Streptomyces and psedonocardia on their exoskeleton that kill parasites in fungal gardensSummarize the interactions between the butterfly Jalmenus evagoras an
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