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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040

Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 13 Evolution and Development131 EvoDevo A Brief HistoryDefine ontogenyothe development of an individual over its lifetimeCompare and contrast the ideas about ontogeny and evolution put forward by the Greeks Meckel and von BaeroGreeks all life was moving from the simple to the complex parallelism oMeckel the developmental stages of the individual paralleled the evolutionary history of the species being studied The developmental sages of an organism step through all the animal species that came before it on the scala naturaeoVon Baer the general characteristics of embryos in closely related species develop before specific characteristics and embryos of higher taxa do not resemble the adult form of ancestral lowertaxa speciesDistinguish the four types of heterochrony and describe which one the axolotls fall underoAcceleration When a somatic trait is accelerated relative to the appearance of a reproductive trait and the somatic trait appears earlier in development Formerly seen in adult stage of ancestral species and is now appearing in the juvenile stage of descendant speciesoProgenesis appearance of traits formerly seen in the juvenile stage of a species during the adult stage in a descendant species where reproductive traits appear earlier in developmentoNeoteny appearance of traits formerly seen in the juvenile stage of a species during the adult
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