Chapter 3 Objectives

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040

Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 3 Natural Selection31 The Components of Natural SelectionList and describe the three conditions necessary for natural selection to occur within a populationoVariation inheritance differential reproductive successDescribe the study by Hoekstra and colleagues and how it demonstrates natural selection in oldfield miceoWhat traits are variableCoat coloroAre these traits heritableYesoWhat are the fitness consequencesDepending on the mouses coat color a mouse could be more or less susceptible to hunters if they did not blend in with their environment32 Adaptations and Fit to EnvironmentDefine adaptation and exaptationoAdaptation is an inherited trait that makes an organism more fit in its abiotic non living and biotic living environment and that has risen as a result of the direct action of natural selection for its primary function eg coat colors in miceoExaptation is a trait that serves one purpose today but evolved under different selection conditions and served a different function i
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