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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 10 Genome Evolution101 Whole Genome SequencingList the major groups of living organisms in approximate order of genome size from smallest to largestoViruses archaea bacteria fungi birds teleost fishes molluscs reptiles mammals frogs insects cartilaginous fishes green algae protozoa salamanders lungfishes flowering plants102 Resolving the Paradoxes of Genome SizeDescribe some of the hypotheses used to explain the lack of correlation between genome size and organismal complexity in multicellular eukaryotesoCvalue paradoxmany larger genomes consist mostly of noncoding DNAoSome genome sizes are favorable due to structural effects on the size of the nuclear envelope the volume of the cell and other aspects of cell physiology oTransposable elements have the capability to catalyze their own movement within the genome and may drive an increase in genome size over timeoSelection for replication speed small cell size and energetic efficiency may favor reductions in genome size Describe the hypotheses used to explain why prokaryote genomes are small compared to eukaryote genomesoLarger organisms because they tend to have smaller population sizes will be less able to eliminate mildly deleterious vari
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