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Final Exam Study Guide - Cumulative Portion (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3090

BIOL 3090Final Exam Study GuideCumulative Portion ONLYSpring 2013Only 50 points of the final exam will be comprehensive the remaining 100 points will be on information covered since exam 3 These are the key concepts broken down by chapter that will be covered on the comprehensive portion of the final exam As always you will only be responsible for the information presented to you in LECTURE So dont spend any time on topics in the book that werent covered in lecture For the cumulative portion of the final exam There will be approximately 34 questions from EACH chapter mentioned belowThis should total around 20 questions or about 13 of the total 60 questions on the final exam Chapter 1Know and understandAll of the model organisms covered in chapter 1 and what makes them unique why they are used as opposed to another organismModel organism EColiBacteria proteins involved in DNA RNA protein synthesis metabolism Gene regulation Targets for new antibiotics Cell cycle SignalingEColi is best for cell cycle and targets for new antibiotics EColi reproduces exponentiallyModel Eukaryotic Organisms Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeastUsed to make beerBreaks sugar down into CO and OH2Fig 16b Fig 125cControl of cell cycle and cell divisionProtein secretion and membrane biogenesisFunction of the cytoskeletonCell differentiationAging due to genomic stabilityGene regulation and chromosome structureCan reproduce both sexually and asexuallyModel Organism Roundworm Caenorhabditis elegansDevelopment of the body planCell lineageFormation and function of the nervous systemControl of programmed cell deathCell proliferation and cancer genesAgingBehaviorGene regulation and chromosome structureTransparent adults have1000 cells while adult humans have about 100 trillionLargest cell is an unfertilized ostrich egg 33 poundsModel Organism fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster Fig 125eDevelopment of the body planGeneration of differentiated cell linkagesFormation of the nervous system heart and musculatureProgrammed cell deathGenetic control of behaviorCancer genes and control of cell proliferationControl of cell polarizationEffects of drugs alcohol pesticidesModel Organism Zebrafish Fig 125fDevelopment of vertebrate body tissues
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