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Test 2 Notes (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3090

Chapter 4 You should have chosen a different major1Fig 417 is a good review for protein translation2tRNAs are good to know Figs 420a and b3Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases Figs 4194The wobble base position Fig 421 how does this relate to the genetic code being redundant degenerate Whats that bad boy inosine doing in a tRNA Codon bound to anticodon parallel or antiparallelBases in the third position of an mRNA codon often form a nonstandard base pair with the base in the first position of a tRNA anticodon Inosine in the wobble position of a tRNA can read C A or U as the last baseThey are always bound antiparallel5The eukaryotic ribosome its structure and its components lower portion of Fig 422Eukaryotic ribosome 4 different rRNA molecules and as many as 83 proteins The small ribosomal subunit contains a single rRNA molecule The large contains a molecule of large rRNA and one molecule of 5S RNA plus an additional molecule of 58S rRNA vertebrates
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