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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3156
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Quiz Twond1DAGmain 2 messenger that actives NaH antiport in the membrane of the fertilized sea urchin egg2Metaphase IIovulation in the menstrual cycle3Zona reactionin mammals equivalent of cortical reaction in sea urchins4Ovaperoxidasecrosslinking of proteins tyrosine residues in egg coats following fertilization is dependent on this enzyme released for cortical granules5Calciumwavelike exocytosis of cortical granules of a sea urchin egg is preceeded by a wave of6Capacitationa special phase that gives the mammalian sperm the capacity to fertilize the ovum and that normally occurs in the reproductive tract of the female7LHmaturation inducing substance MIS in humans8P34 cyclin Bmeiosis promoting factor mpf in the cytoplasm of arrested oocytes is composed of these two components 9Granulsa cellsFSH targets10Theca internaLH targets11Prostaglandins PGE3 and PGF2LH peak in menstrual cycle stimulates the production of cause ovulation12Plasmalemmaalterations in surface coats of the egg that prevent polyspermy always regulates access of sperm to the13Estrogen and progesteronename a steroid hormone in the female14Galactosyltransferaseligand on the memb
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