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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3156
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Quiz 21List 2 types of regeneration and give the definitions and an example of eachaPhysiological Regenerationreplacement of tissue or cells that have been lost due to normal causes Ex Skin cells sperm cells Rbcsall organisms have this is some degreebReparative Regenerationextensive repair of major tissues or organs more common In lower vertebrates and invertebrates2Why does the regeneration blastema appear clear or lightaThe blastema is unpigmented because it is made up of mesenchymal cells that lack the characteristics of the cells that produced them and they have not been redifferentiated3When is the regeneration blastema visiblea34 days after the loss of tissue occurs4Planaria undergo asexual reproduction by a proocess called Fission5Write the definition of the following changes that occur during metamorphosis aProgressivechanges that produce structuresfor adult form were not present in larva
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