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Final Exam1 (highest grade in class)

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 3156

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Final ExamFirst SectionTermsZygotefertilized eggunion of egg and sperm to form a diploid cellDevelopmentmorphological biochemical and physiological differentiation of an individualproduction of diverse cell types reproductionDifferentiationgeneration of cellular diversityMorphogenesiscreation of form and structureEmbryologystudy of an embryo until time of parturitionOntogenydevelopment of an individual from fertilization to deathAristotleepigenesistall parts of the embryo arise in successionOviparityegg productionViviparitylive birthOvovivparityegg hatches inside bodyHoloblaticentire egg dividesMeroblasticsmall portion of egg dividesHarvyrecognized that all animals come from eggs ovo omniaParthenogenesisthere are no males in a population but generations kept producingBaers Lawmore general features that are common to all the members of a group are in the embryo developed early than the more specialized features that distinguish the various members of the groupoGeneral features appear prior to specialized featuresoLess general characters develop from the more general until the most specialized appearoEmbryos of a given species depart from the adult stage of lower animalsoAn early embryo of a higher animal is never like an early animal only its embryoAlternate hypothesisimportant in todays scientific worldLarval stagescan tell if two organisms are in the same family if their larvae are similarHomologous structuresstructures derived from a common ancestral structure exhuman arm bat wingAnalogous structuresstructures perform a similar function but do not arise from a common ancestor bird wing and bat wingMalformationsabnormalities by genetic eventsSyndromeswhen several abnormalities occurTeratologythe study of exogenous agents teratogens that cause abnormalities distruptionsThalidomide babiesdisorder of phocomelia absent limbs or appendagesThalidomide given as a morningsickness drugDeformities were observed keyed to the stage of exposurethere are more severe cases as the days increase after last menstruation These are temporal effectsit affects the thing at the time of development Isometric growthall the parts of the embryo or organism grow at the same rate shape is preservedAllometric growthcephalization anterior structures of the embryo form earlier than posterior structures
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