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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 3156

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Week One November 17 November 21Cleavage and GastrulationAvian embryosMeroblastic dicoidal cleavage patternCleavage is initially incomplete The egg is a very large yolky egg that displaces to one side of the cytoplasm It makes a cytoplasmic disc or blastodisc Initially produces a subgerminal cavitythis is not analogous to the blastocoel Must establish a two layered blastoderm before gastrulationdefines a blastocoel cavity This is distinctly different from the subgerminal cavityResembles gastrulation in both the fishes and in mammalsCleavagediscoidalThe cells gradually begin to define themselves as they produce a membrane across the yolk layerThere is going to be a clear space that opens upthis is referred to as the area pellucida
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