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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1202

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Biology 1202 Final
Why study plants? Powerpoint
80% of exam new plant material
Life began 4 billion years ago
ZygoteHomo sapiens primate mammal reptile amphibian fish
Cell theory (all existing cells came from one cell) – know the phylogeny of a guard cell
Carnivorous plants feed much like fungi
oNon-living entity (no domain of life!)
o H7N9 is the avian flu (began in China)
White blood cells are created in bone marrow
oB cells mature in bone marrow
oT cells mature in thymus
Xylem functions at maturity as dead cells
Waxy layer in plants, hydrophobic
oEndodermis-casperian strip is the waxy layer in root cells
Bacteria have peptidoglycan cell walls
Archaea have pseudo-peptidoglycan cell walls
A water cell entering a plant
oGoing into rootepidermisroot hairscortex(ground tissue)endodermis(put out waxy
layer call casperian strip)pericycle cellsxylemphloem
Tree trunk outside in
oBark (cork)cork cambiumsecondary phloemvascular cambiumsecondary
xylem(rings in a tree trunk)
oPrimary growth: tips of oak trees; waxy layer called cuticlecortexsecondary
phloemsecondary xylemprimary xylempith
Epidermis is single cell layer thick
oIs waxy
In a ring of vascular bundles you find a cortex
Be able to read a family tree
Theory of Evolution by natural selection
The flu vaccine shot in your arm cannot give you the flu
Vascular bundles are found in the shoot
oIn root they are called vascular cylinders or steel
Artificial selection-antibiotic resistance
Movement of xylem sap (sap contains water and nutrients)
oPull begins at the top (transporational pull) by water loss

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Biology 1202 FinalWhy study plants Powerpoint80 of exam new plant materialLife began 4 billion years agoZygoteHomo sapiens primate mammal reptile amphibian fishCell theory all existing cells came from one cellknow the phylogeny of a guard cellCarnivorous plants feed much like fungiVirusesoNonliving entity no domain of lifeo H7N9 is the avian flu began in ChinaWhite blood cells are created in bone marrowoB cells mature in bone marrowoT cells mature in thymusXylem functions at maturity as dead cellsWaxy layer in plants hydrophobicoEndodermiscasperian strip is the waxy layer in root cellsPrionsBacteria have peptidoglycan cell wallsArchaea have pseudopeptidoglycan cell wallsA water cell entering a plantoGoing into rootepidermisroot hairscortexground t
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