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BIOL 2160 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mitral Valve, Pulmonary Vein, Pulmonary Artery

Biological Sciences
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BIOL 2160
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Study Guide

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Which of these is a single muscle cell
oMuscle fiber
Where is the motor end plate located?
oOn the muscle cell membrane
oContains receptors for neurotransmitters
Which protein physically covers up myosin binding sites on actin?
oLong thread like fiber
Where are ryanodine receptors found?
oOn the SR membrane
oAllow calcium to leave SR
When bound to ATP, myosin has an _____ affinity for actin.
oWhenever ATP binds to myosin, release actin and breaks cross bridge
Which event immediately results in the power stroke?
oRemoval of the inorganic phosphate (P)
oRowing motion and shortening of sarcomere
During an _____ twitch, the muscle actually shortens.
Which type of muscle fiber will be darker in color?
oOxidative, darker because of blood (hemoglobin/myoglobin)
During low intensity exercise, fatigue results from:
oDepletion of glycogen
During smooth muscle contraction, Ca2+ bonds to:
Which valve allows blood to flow into the left ventricle?
oMitral valve (left atrioventricular/bicuspid valve)
Which is the only vein in the human body to transport oxygenated blood?
oPulmonary vein (lungs to left atrium carrying oxygenated blood)
When pressure is lower in the L Vent. Than in the L. Atrium the aortic semilunar valve
will be:
oClosed (pressure is lower in vent than atrium than ---)
Where would you generally expect pressure to be higher?
oPulmonary artery
oArterydirectly from heart (nothing to slow it down)
Where would you expect CO2 levels to be higher?
oSystemic veins
Which channels allow cardiac pacemaker cells to reach threshold?
oT-type voltage gated calcium channels
oBrings cell to threshold
When “funny” channels open, the cells permeability to K+ goes:
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