BIOL 4087 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nucleoside, Dephosphorylation, Microrna

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1 Nov 2018

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Be able to draw the structures of all the nucleosides and nucleotides and be familiar with the nomenclature (fig. 8-4: nucleoside = base + sugar, nucleotide = base + sugar + phosphate notebook. Base pairs fig. 8-11, major groove, minor groove fig. 8-13: the purine and pyrimidine bases of both strands are stacked inside the double helix, w/ their hydrophobic and nearly planar ring structures very close together. The offset pairing of the two strands creates a major groove and minor groove on the surface of the duplex. 8-26: heat or change in ph causes denaturation a disruption of h-bonds b/t paired bases. Dna replication is semiconservative, bidirectional (at replication forks) from an origin of replication, 5"- " direction, leading strand, lagging strand and okazaki fragments. Dna replication: semiconservative: each dna strand serves as a template for the synthesis of a new strand, producing two new. Dna molecules, each w/ one new strand and one old strand.

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