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Ch 3 Civil Dispute Resolution (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Business Law
BLAW 3201

Ch 3Civil Dispute ResolutionThe Court SystemFederal CourtsDistrict Courts trial courts of general jurisdiction that can hear and decide most legal controversies in the Federal systemCourt of Appeals hears appeals from the district court and reviews orders of certain administrative agencies checks for prejudicial errorThe Supreme Court nations highest court whose principal function is to review decisions of the Federal Courts of Appeals and the highest State courtsthey come in two waysAppeal by Right cases the Court must hear should a party request the review very rare and it has almost been eliminated by legislation enacted in 1988Writ of certiorari requires a lower court to produce the records of a case it has triedalmost all cases are chosen with this method but still it rarely occursSpecial Courts have jurisdiction over cases in a particular area of the Federal law and include the US Court of Federal Claims the US Tax Court the US Bankruptcy Courts and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal CircuitStates CourtsInferior Trial Courts hear minor criminal cases such as traffic offenses and civil cases involving small amounts of money conduct preliminary hearings in more serious criminal casesTrial Courts have a general jurisdiction over civil and criminal casesSpecial Courts trial courts such as probate courts and family courts having jurisdiction over a particular area of State lawAppellate Courts included one or two levels the highest courts decisions are final in those cases reviewed by the US Supreme Court JurisdictionSubject Matter JurisdictionDefinition authority of a court to decide a particular kind of caseFederal JurisdictionExclusive Federal Jurisdiction Federal courts have a sole jurisdiction over Federal crimes bankruptcy antitrust patent trademark copyright and other specified cases
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