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Chapter 10 CasesILefkowitz v Great Minneapolis Surplus Store INCaInvitations seeking offersbStore advertised 1 stole and 1 coat at 9 am first come first servedcLefkowitz was first in line at 9 am money in handStore turned him away saying it was for women onlydLefkowitz represented himself and sued the storeeSupreme Court ruled that the AD did not fall under offer laws but was so specific in nature 9 am only first come first served that it counted as a unilateral promiseLefkowitz wonIICatamount Slate Products INC v SheldonaObjective standardbCatamount Slate ProductsReedscSheldons argued that the slate company could not use the road they lived ondSheldons and Reeds decide to mediate mediator says nothing is binding until both parties agree write and sign an agreementeReeds agree to pay 250month but do not sign anythingfAfter the agreement but before mediation was complete one of the Reeds finds out that the road is a state highwaygCase goes all the way to the Supreme Court Court looks at case and says that nothing was signed so it was not binding anywayIIIOsprey LLC v KellyMoore Paint CO INCaEffective MomentbKellyMoore KM was required by lease contract to give 6 month notice of renewal for their leasecKM faxedmailed their notice of renewal at 528 pm exactly 6 months before the lease expired KM kept receipt of fax being received from fax machinedMail got there later than the 6 month notice period landlord filed eviction noticeeLanguage of lease contract included shall be in writing and may be delivered either personally or by certified mailiCourt said the word may allowed for options not just the two listed so fax was a viable alternative
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