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BLAW 3201

Ch1Ryan v Friesenhahn Civil Case individual v individual suing for compensationFriesenhahns held BYOB party and after getting drunk at the party Sabrina Ryans a minor was involved in a fatal drunk driving accidentRyans suing Friesenhahns for negligence alleging that the Friesenhahns were aware of underage drinking at their BYOB party and of Sabrinas condition when she left the partyTrial court granted summary judgment for the Friesenhahns because there is a TX law that states that party hosts arent liable for injuries of other that drank too much at their partyRyans seeking appealsCourt of appeals finds that there is cause for a case because Ryans was a minorA violation of a statute constitutes negligence per se if the injured party is a member of the class protected by the statute minorsSo summary judgment reversed and case remanded to the trial courtCh3White v FCI USA Concurrent Federal JurisdictionWhite is suing her old employer for wrongful termination She wishes that the judgment include punitive damages attorneys fees pre judgment interest court costs and compensatory damages for lost pay lost fringe benefits front pay loss wage earning capacity harm to her credit report etcHowever White did not initially state a specific amount she was wishing to recover To be heard in Federal Court what White wants damages must be 75000 or moreThe courts concluded that the amountincontroversy requirement was met due to her lengthy list of hopefully recoveries so she was able to be heard in federal courtWorldWide Volkswagen Corp v Woodson JurisdictionWoodson is judge trying the caseThe Robinsons bought an Audi in New YorkThe following year they were driving to their new home in Arizona and got in accident in Oklahoma along the wayKay Robinson and her children were severely burned in the accidentThe Robinsons then brought a productsliability action in the District Court for Creek County Okla claiming that their injuries resulted from defective design and placement of the Audis gas tank and fuel systemThey also sued the manufacturer etc Supreme Court of OK held that personal jurisdiction over petitions was authorized by OK longarm statute jurisdictionDefendants from NY held that OK had no jurisdiction according to the Due thProcess Clause of 14 Amendment which limits power of a state court to render
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