Case Studies For Ch 10 12 (got 96%)

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Business Law
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BLAW 3201

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IssueFactVerdictReasonsCatamount Objective Reeds CSP were driving trucks down the In favor of Contract was never Slate StandardSheldons roadWent to mediation and Reed CSPfinalizedProducts Inc wrote an agreement that would wait to be vs SheldonfinalizedThere were some arguments over certain issuesReeds sent a check to 101Sheldons attorney stating it shall not be cashed until everything is finalizedThe contract was never finalized and Reeds dropped out after realizing the road belonged to the cityLefkowitz vs Invitations Store offered fur coats for 1 on the basis In favor of Lefkowitz completed ststGreat Seeking Offersof 1 come 1 serve Lefkowitz came first Lefkowitzwhat he said he would Minneapolis and was denied the items Lefkowitz sueddoSurplus Store102Sherrod vs Duration of OffersSherrod their daughter is suing Kidd dog In favor of Only had to pay 25kKiddowner for a dog bite Claim is brought to KiddKidd for 32k on July 12 2005 Kidd 103offered to settle for 32k amount and sometime in there an arbitration hearing awarded Sherrod 25kSherrods go back in writing and try to accept 32k offer because it had not been withdrawn and was within a reasonable amount of time Trial court found this to be true and awarded Sherrod the 32k Kidd appealedEffective MomentOsprey
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