Ch 4 Constitutional Law (97% in the course

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BLAW 3201
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Ch 4Constitutional LawBasic PrinciplesFederalism the division of governing power bw the Federal government and the StatesFederal Supremacy Federal law takes precedence over conflicting State law when Congress makes law within its constitutional powers it overrides any conflicting state regulationFederal Preemption right of the Federal government to regulate matters within its power to the exclusion of the regulation by the StatesJudicial Review examination of governmental actions to determine whether they conform to the US ConstitutionSeparation of Powers allocation of powers among executive legislative and judicial branches of government legislative makes law executive enforces law and judicial interprets the lawState Action actions of the government to which constitutional provisions apply When a legislature executive officer or court takes some official action against an individualPowers of the Federal GovernmentFederal Commerce Power exclusive power of the Federal government to regulate commerce with other nations and among the StatesState Regulation of Commerce the Commerce Clause of the Constitution
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