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Exam 1 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Business Law
BLAW 3201

BusinessLawExam1LawCivilmonetary damages compensatoryCriminaljail time incarceration prosecution for guiltyTakenothing summary judgmentoPlaintiff gets nothing95 of all civil cases are settled outside of courtWhat factors go into deciding what Sabrinas life is worthoEarning capacityoFamily relationships how close was she to her familyoHow much she sufferedIn civil law when trying to put a value on something like human life it is very hard to give a specific amount Criminal prosecution the state is plaintiffCivilcriminalIf two different verdictsBurden of ProofHow can someone be accused in civil but not in criminaloBRD Beyond Reasonable Doubtthinking on lines of scales one side significantly higher than other 982 scale way farther than anothercriminaloPOE Preponderance of Evidenceone side is slightly higher than other 5140 scale slightly farther than the othercivilth5 Amendmentprecludes us from having to testify against ourselvesoProtects you from questions you dont want to answer ONLY on criminal side Does not protect in civil cases only on criminal sideYou are never guilty in civil cases only liableyoure liable for damages When you lose in court then you can appeal to next court upoWhen you appeal you must assign errors
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