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BLAW TEST2 CASESCH 10Catamount Slate Productions Inc V Sheldon Objective StandardThis case deals with intent to be bound by a contract The two parties engaged in mediation to settle an argument Many of the details of the argument had been settled but it wasnt made finalized and thus couldnt be enforced allowing Catamount Reed family to back out of the settlement as newly discovered evidence worked in their favorLefkowitz V Great Minneapolis Surplus Store Inc Invitations Seeking OffersLefkowitz read in the newspaper an advertisement for a fur coat selling for one dollar first come first served He showed up but was told that it was intended for a woman The seller contends that this was a unilateral offer thus it could be revoked He claims that this was an invitation to an offer The courts decided that the offer in the paper was clear and concise and was indeed an offer itself not an invitation to an offer being that Lefkowitz was the first to show up he accepted the offer and is therefore entitled to the objectSherrod V Kidd Duration of OffersArbitration award was binding because initial offer had expired when parties went to arbitration This is because no normal person would offer 32000 after being told they only owe 25000Osprey LLC V KellyMoore Paint Co Inc Effective MomentOsprey was leasing land to KellyMoore In a contract Osprey required that to renew lease you must let them know six months prior to expiration It also stated that it shall be given in writing and may be delivered either personally or by depositing the same in United States mail return receipt requested KellyMoore faxed a document stating that they desired to renew the lease Osprey contends that fax was inappropriate being that it was not certified mail KellyMoore ultimately wins because the contract says may which does not particularly exclude other equally effective means of renewing a contract being that faxing and mailing perform the same functionCH11Rea V Paulson Undue InfluenceAn older woman with many health problems had four children all of whom were to split the deed of her house when she died Larry the evil child took control of his mother and persuaded her to will him her house The courts concluded that Larry acted with undue influence in persuading his sickly mother to act to his advantage which was a breach to his fiduciary duty Maround V Wyreless Systems Inc Fraud FactReed V King Materiality
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