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Ch 9 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Business Law
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BLAW 3201

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Ch 9 Introduction to ContractsContracts are primarily governed by State common lawoUCC governs sales in all states except LAoSalethe passing of title to goods from a seller to a buyer for a priceoPersonal propertyany type of property other than an interest in real property landContractoBinding agreement that the courts will enforceoA legally binding agreementoAn agreement that has the force of lawoa promise or set of promises for the breech of which the law gives a remedy or the performance of which the law in some w2ay recognizes a dutypromisea manifestation of the intention to act or refrain from acting in a specified waypromises that meet all the essential requirements of a binding contract are contractual and will be enforcedbreachfailure to perform properly promise may be contractual and therefore binding or non contractual all contracts are promises but not all p
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