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CFS 4052 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: False Dilemma, Moodle, The Work FoundationExam

Child and Family Studies
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CFS 4052
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Miya Tate RealClear Politics Assignment # 8 for Thursday, November 7, 2019
I read or reviewed every assigned reading in this week’s Moodle block_______________ (your
Summary of the article:
In the article Capitalism vs. Socialism is the Wrong Way to Frame Today's Economic Debate two
policy experts discuss the debate between capitalism and socialism is a false choice. They feel that
Americans instead are searching for ways to express their frustration with the workings of capitalism
today, not their support for socialism. Some of the topics discussed in the interview were the lives of
young adults all that different from what went before? High student debt and high housing prices are
two objective measurements. But what is different about the world that is shaping these attitudes in
new ways? Another questioned raised was something like dynamism more likely to originate at the local
level, such as the creation of small businesses.
Critical analysis from a family policy perspective:
There are two things that corresponds with this article. The first one is knowing that
public policy is a process. Reeves and Streeter both agreed that Americans tend to move from attitude
and try to rush this process. When problems arise, we want immediate action and both sides
(Republicans and Democrats) get upset when things are not done. This is evident when they discuss the
question: Are the answers to these challenges we are talking about rooted more in policies or in
attitudinal shifts? This goes to the second correspondence of the article which is dealing with low-
information voters. This is evident when Reeves and Streeter discuss the question of the capitalism vs.
socialism debate. They both agree that the debate is silly due to people not knowing what true socialism
is. Therefore, both policy experts both agree that socialism is a false choice, due to citizens not
understanding the true mechanics of this type of economy.
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