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Chapter 9

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CHEM 1201

Some Shapes of Molecules Adapted from Figs 92 9394 pg 347 The VSEPR Model The valence electrons in a molecule are the bonding pairs of electrons as well as the lone pairs There are 11 shapes that are important to us 1linear 3 atoms AB 22bent 3 atoms AB 23trigonal planar 4 atoms AB 34trigonal pyramidal 4 atoms AB 35Tshaped 4 atoms AB 36tetrahedral 5 atoms AB 47square planar 5 atoms AB 48seesaw 5 atoms AB 49trigonal bipyramidal 6 atoms AB 510square pyramidal 6 atoms AB 511octahedral 7 atoms AB 6Tetrahedra Fig 91 pg 346Molecular Shapes Lewis structures give atomic connectivity they tell us which atoms are physically connected to which The shape of a molecule is determined by its bond angles oConsider CCl experimentally we find all ClCCl bond angles are 1095 4Therefore the molecule cannot be planar oAll Cl atoms are located at the vertices of a tetrahedron with the C at its center
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