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Study set with typical representative questionsSI system of unit precision conversion densityQGiven is density d 222 gmLDesired conversion is tokgm3 Consider SigFigsAtom ion isotope basic knowledge about neutrons protons and electronsQ Find the number of electrons protons and neutrons in 60 Co 2Nomenclature ionic compounds polyatomic ions cations anions binary compoundsQ What are the names of NaCl CuCl2 N3O5 Na2SO4Q What is the formula of potassium chloride cooperI chloride dinitrogentetroxideQ which one is not name correctly dinitrogen teroxideN2O4 ironiii sulfate Fe2SO43 nitrogen trifluoride NF3 aluminum trinitrate AlNO33Concept of amumole molar mass and conversionsatomsions moleculescompounds molesmass QHow many chlorine atoms are in 5g of CuCl2Q How many moles of CuCl2 are in 5g of CuCl2Q How many gmass is 2344 1026 compound units of CuCl2Empirical formula from massand vice versaQ find empirical formula if 55 K 15 P and 30 OQ findby mass of K3PO4Electrolytes conductivity strong weak acidsbase ionic compounds Q Which is ionic compound NH4Cl CO2 I2Q Which is strongest electrolyte or conductor SO2 HF AgNO3 Solubility using tableQ Is SrSO4 solubleIs CuS soluble Is CaOH 2 solubleIs MgOH2 solubleQ Will Potassium acetate and hydrochloric acid produce a precipitate Ionic and net ionic equations including solubility
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