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CHEM 1202 Final Exam Review (got 93% on the test)

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CHEM 1202

HOW TOSFor a weak monoprotic acid rememberpH logxionization xcX10002Kxcor xthe square root of Kc using the approximationa0aoFind the pH of a salt1Guess Is this salt going to be acidic basic or neutral2Dissociate Write an equation for the salt dissolving into its constituents Find the hydrolytic species remembering that it is only hydrolytic if it comes from a WEAK acidbase Hint If the constituents are not in a 11 ratio ie BaNO this step is useful 22in finding your actual concentration of the ion3Hyrdolyze Remember that hyrdrolyze means to react w water So simply write a reaction in which your hydrolytic species for instance A reacts w water Awater At the end of the day your hydrolytic equation should be a 1111 ratio regardless of the number of moles of ions produced in step 2 That number is important only for the concentration not the equation Also remember to look at what the species is producing H or OH to determine if you need Kb or Ka4Solve your equation Use your knowledge of solving for pH to solve this equation You found your concentration of the ion in step 2 and your K value in step 3 Either use abyour approximation or solve the quadratic equation to find x then find your pHExFind the pH of a sodium acetate salt w concentration c01Basic sodium is a strong base acetic acid is a weak acidCH2NaCHCOO NaCOO33Will not WillIts a 11 ratio so the concentration of acetate ionsc03CHCOOHO CHCOOHOH323510Producing OH so we need Kb Ka of acetic acid is 18E KwKa 5556E which is the Kb of acetate
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