CHEM 1212 : CHEM 1212 Midterm Study Guide3

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15 Mar 2019

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Any cuts or open skin should be bandaged to prevent chemicals entering bloodstream. Also wash hands when leaving the lab: corrosive chemicals can destroy living tissue when they come in contact with the skin or eyes. Some acids and bases start their damage within 15 seconds of contact. This is to prevent splashing of chemicals or flying debris (broken glass) from getting into your eyes: to protect your skin in the laboratory, wear a lab apron or lab coat at all times. Also, you should wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible (best clothing options: jeans or sweatpants, long sleeved shirts, shorts and skirts are okay, if they are knee length or longer. Do not wear: halter tops, crop tops, midriffs, short shorts, or short skirts: to protect your feet in the laboratory, wear closed toe shoes at all times.