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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 1061

The OtherRelational Prototype1Natural language label word or words we use to describe a relationship friend parent boss stranger2Criterial attributes qualities or characteristics that the other person must have in order for them to be label with a natural language label3Communicative behaviors the actions that demonstrate the criterial attributes a person hasSelfDisclosure revealing personal information to another info you freely share with another1Social Penetration aBreadth the number of subjects or range of topics your willing to talk about with another personbDepth the level of personally revealing information within the topics2Johari WindowaOpen information that is known to your self and other people know about you as wellbHidden things we know about ourselves but do not share with otherscBlind information that people know about you but you cannot see it in yourself annoying habits we dont notice we dodUnknown information we dont know about our self and that others dont know about us either undiscovered self3Characteristics of SelfDisclosureaUsually occurs in dyads two people in conversation sharing personal information one on onebUsually symmetrical one discloses something then the other reciprocates and says something give and takecUsually occurs incrementally little bit by little bit not all at oncedIs relatively scarce communicating it is not always selfdisclosing4Guidelines for Appropriate SelfDisclosure
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