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Communication Studies
CMST 1061
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CMST 1061communication conveying or exchanging of info through words sounds writinglinear sender communicate through channelreceiver channel method in which you choose to communicate voice message problem only one receiver interactive model senderinteractivereceiver and vice versa still problematic transactional model sender and receiver become communicatorenvironmentcontext of communication context includes idea of who were talking torelationshipgoal of communicationidentityinsights into transactional model below1simultaneous 2meanings exist in people ex lets talk about philidelphianeed more info cream cheese football team ect3environment affects communicationnoisephysical physiological noisephysical barriers within speaker or listener psychological noisethought interference semanticword meanings4channels how we communicate words cell phones texting media richness theory we should choose our channel based on the amount of feedback we need can we communicate easily5communication is transactionalgive and take6comm can be intentional or unintentional 7comm has a content words you saymessageand a relationalrelationship youre trying to build positive negative dimension 8comm is irreversible cant take it back9comm is unrepeatable never the same way always diffmisconceptions about communication1not all comm seeks understanding ex seeing someone in passing and saying hello2more comm is not always better ex sometimes when angry better to shut up3comm will not solve all problemshelps but sometimes doesnt fix some values just dont mesh4effective comm is not a natural ability not always good at communication it takes effortfeatures of communciation 1ongoingcant turn it off2create messages and responding to messages fitting in bohemial architecte failing3how you adapt to a situation guy chose not to adapt and he failedvisible acts of commucation 1 people 2 symbols3 technology invisible acts of communication1meaning 2subjectivity 3learningwaymodes1visually dressactgestureswhat we see2tactile or touch how we touchinnapropritate and approp3smell and taste olfactory and gustatory4auditory hearing or soundintro to rhetoric5th century greece elitenoble classslavesworking classused status symbols to keep the classes separate ex pyramids castlesforefather of the modern day idea of propaganda could not aspire to elitedemocracy started to develop in 5th cpeople were given the right to speak have a voiceworking class middle classsophistswidsom bearer first teachers of rhetoric taught it for money Protagoras was the first one to teach idea of debateGorgias was first to teach language use in speech literary devicesPlato hated sophists believed rhetoric should not be used for profit saw it as a tool for spreading truth and beauty his own ideas of truth and beautybelieved average person could not understand ideal knowledgeAristotle student of plato saw value in what sophists were doinglooked at what plato and sophists were doing and came up with idea of social truthTruth according to aristotle two types1truth of sciencethings that can be proven melting temperate2social truths cultural values situation contextgroups decide on their truths and what to believe issues arise because of peoples values2 types of evidence proof1inartisticfacts2artisticethospathoslogosethoscredibility logoslogicpathosemotional argumentsRhetoric study of persuasionart of expressive speechstudy of effective language usehow we use symbols to persuade or inform people
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