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Communication Studies
CMST 1061
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Audience Communication Theory1Relation definition overall sense of your relationship mutual2Relational culture atmosphere what guides the relationship positive or negative3Relational contract rules and negotiations in the relationship may not be explicitly stated4Types of relationships factorsoNumber of people involved dyad win a groupoPurpose Task formed w a purpose of mindSocialpersonal developed for personal reasonsoDuration Short term transitory less frequent contact neighborLong term family romantic partnersoLevels of intimacyCasual providing minimal support barista at coffee shopInbetween moderate level of support in sharing coworkers Intimate maximum level of support and sharing family close friends 5Relational expectationsoSocial exchange theory well stay in a relationship as long as it remains profitable to us rewardscostsprofit6Relational prototypes what we want ideal modeloLabel my good friendoCriteria what is necessaryoBehaviors whats acceptable7Strategic communicationoGoal what do you want to get from thisoRelationshipoIdentityself8Values Theory when you know someones values you can influence them by appealing to those values9Power ability to influence another person variesoReward one person controls the value of what someone wants boss gives raise at joboExpert power one person possesses special knowledge or skillsoReferent one has the respect or admiration of another mentoroCoercive one can deliver negative consequencepunishment to the otheroLegitimate power of a title police officer10Selfpresentation strategiesoIngratiation power of being likedoIntimidation power to threaten want to appear dangerousoSelfpromotion emphasize expert power oExemplification exemplify qualities and values you admire integrity oSupplication strategy of weakness others feel a duty to protect11Message strategiescompliance gainingoPregiving do a favor before asking for what you wantoLiking get the other person in a good moodoPromise promise something in exchange for something elseoThreatoSelffeelingsguilt oEsteem recognitionoDebt you owe me12Ducks Filtering TheoryoIncidental cues opportunity to meet someone and spend time w them in order to pursue a relationship w themoPreinteraction cues how do you interact w that person make assumptions about that person based on how they look actoInteraction cues get to know someone as you talk to them oForethoughtcognitive cuesclues insight into their values and ethics13Magnets what draws you to someoneoBeauty becomes less important as you get to know someoneMatching hypothesis we date people we feel are physical beauty equalsoSimilarityoComplementaryoReciprocal liking we like people who like us and want to be around us and spend time w usoCosts and rewards social exchange theory14Knapps theory of relationship developmentoInitiating introductions networking offering approaching sustaining oExperimenting find out if the rship is worth it or not gather info about them small talkoIntensifying increase in selfdisclosureIndirect suggestion hint around the definition of the rshipSeparation tests test what the reactions are when youre apartEndurance test what will the person put up withTriangle test add a third person to the rship to see what they reaction would be oIntegrating seen as pair or couple oBonding commitment oDifferentiation we and us becomes I and meoCircumscribing communication is stuck and you begin to withdrawoStagnation no growth interactions are superficial or may stop all togetheroAvoidance intentionally avoid other purposefullyoTermination rship is over It can fade away where you slowly lose interest over timeSudden death a single event causes the relationship to be over move fight infidelityIncrementally problems creep up and dont face the problems until they blow up
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