Communication Studies Final Review (aced the test and got 96%)

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Communication Studies
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Communication StudiesIMessage in Communication TheoryaSymbolsiMessages we exchange are based on symbolsiiSymbolsthings that stand for something else including words and actions that allow us to convey meaning to others 1Groups assign meaning to a symbol Because of symbols are arbitrary devices one group may have a different meaning for a symbol than another group might have2Through our experiences we assign meaning to symbols We then interpret communicative behavior based on our perception and the meanings we assign to those behaviors3Misunderstandings occur because other groups may have a different set of meaningsbLanguageiConsists not only of the words that represent things but also the grammatical structure that tells us how the words relate to each other 1Verbal Communication is spoken languageaEX Talking to someone facetoface or on the phone2Written Communication is textual languageaEX Writing a letter email or text messagecNonverbal CommunicationIncludes a wide range of actions or behaviors that accompany spoken words iincluding speechrelated elements such as the tone of voice rate of speech pitch etc and other behaviors such as body language physical proximity and dressdConversational Relational Patterns DyadDominance Messagesi1Who is attempting to dominate the conversation and gainmaintain controlaOneup statement one gains controlbOnedown statement one relinquishes controlcOneacross statement neutral no one gains or relinquishes controliiConversational Messages based on Dominance1One conversation can contain all of the following patternsaComplimentaryOne person always maintains controlbCompetitiveBoth parties compete for control
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