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Notes For Interpretation (98% on the test)

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Communication Studies
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CMST 1061

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Feb3Interpretationassigning meaningkids assign hurricane as no school parents assign hurricane as an emergencyNegotiationhow we exchange stories or develop storiesdeveloped through narratives narrative selfcommon groundEmpathybeing able to view someone elses perspectiveemotional contagion how we adapt to emotion when walking into a joke and everyones laughing so you laughValueself esteemethical want to see the world in their viewrequirements for empathyopen mindedunderstandingimaginationcommitmentRolesset of expected behaviors associated with a particular situationguidelines on how to play a roleroles are learnedgeneral guidelines students know basics on how to act in schoolbelief about selfrole rigidity when someone cant escape a role soldier multiple rolesrole repertoire role conflict opposing roes that overlap
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