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Midterm F1 (got 94% in the course)

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Communication Studies
CMST 1061
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Midterm F12111 Communications the imparting conveying or exchanging of info via words sounds visuals writing or signsEveryone can learn how to communicate better Why do we communicateoWe all have physical needsIf something happens you want to talk oIdentity needs Our sense of self develops by how we communicate with peopleothers Change and grow as you develop and grow as a person oSocial needs Communication is the principle way in which relationships are createdStrong sense of quality and success of relationships based on communication Reinforces identity needsoPractical needsNeed communication to function Need it to get jobs learn and function in everyday Basic model of communication Basic model of communicationWhen we communicate we all have shared experiencesThree types of noiseoPhysical noise outside of youAir condition doors bellsoPsychologicalThoughts that make communication less effectiveoPhysiological How you feel Biology if you are sick Meanings exist in people not in wordsSimultaneous CommunicationEnvironment context CommunicationEnvironment context Communication misconceptions Not all communication seeks understandingsoAmbiguity if you dont want to go to a party saying you have other things to do More communication is not always better oGoing to a funeral you dont want to talk a lotCommunication will not solve all problems Effective communication is not a natural abilityFeaturesIts a process its always movingCreatingoWe communicate by gestures writing signs how we dressResponding Adapt Visible aspectsoPeopleoSymbols are the things that represent something else oTechnology channelHow do you get the message acrossEmail phone moodleInvisible aspectsoMeaningsWe assign meanings to the symbols we use oMeanings are subjective Different people look at things in different ways Varies with culture Interpret it based on our perception and our experiences oLearningThe way we process things is based on our perceptions of itCommunication modesVisualoStreet signs TouchtactileoHand on a shoulder hug handshakeSmell and taste olfactory and gustatoryAuditory sound Three ways to study communicationsRhetoricCommunication theoryPerformanceThe modeloAgentoAudience who your talking tooMessage how do we construct the message using the three waysomeaning how we interpret it
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