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CMST 1150 Exam 1 Review (scored 92%)

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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 1150

EXAM 1 REVIEWThe Exam will include 5060 questions multiple choice matching and truefalseYou will need a Large Scantron form and 2 pencils to record your answersOverview of Comm Studies Wood CM chs 12 K Filbel lectureWhere did Comm Studies departments originateoAmerican college education emerged 1800sWhat was the focus of early departmentsoteachers of rhetoric provided pragmatic advice to students who wanted to be effective public speakersHow has that focus changedoThe focus changed from those wanting the ability to speak to that of power the womens movementwomen had no impact on rhetoric in the past because their voices werent heard unlike todayCommunication J Woods definition and detailed explanation of all elements of itoCommunicationsystemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meaningsProcesscommunication is a processit is ongoing and dynamicSystemsCommunication takes place within systemsOpenness is the extent to which a system affects and is affected by outside factors and processesSystems seek a state of equilibrium or homeostasisSymbolsCommunication is symbolicSymbols are abstract arbitrary and ambiguous representations of other thingsMeaningsWe use symbols to create meaningsoContent level of meaningcontains the literal messageMay I come inthe person is asking if they can come inoRelationship level of meaningexpresses the relationship between communicatorsMay I come inif its your friend and they r smiling you may conclude a friendly interactionIf the person is your supv and speaks in angry tone you may feel you r getting called on the carpetLinear models of comm Laswell modelShannonWeaver modeloLinear model also called the transmission model bc it assumes that communication is transmitted in a straightforward manner from a sender to a receiverWhoSays whatIn what channelTo whomWith what affectoShannon and Weaver enhanced model by adding noiseNoise is anything that interferes with the intended meaning of communicationInteractive model of comm
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