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Communication Studies
CMST 1150
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WHAT IS COMMUNICATION THEORY1CT as a termaDef by Ernest BormanniCommunication Theory is an umbrella term for all careful systematic and selfconscious discussion and analysis of communication phenomenon1Doesnt give a clear distinction between this rhetoric and performance studiesbCT uses Soc Sci methodology2The interpretive Approach to doing researchaRhet And Perf Studies use an interpretive approachiits critical philosophical and subjective1relies on the critic to make decisions and these arent final answers you persuade your reader Philosophies behind these approaches with sets of values attached to thembreality is constructed socially and personallyithis reality is the result of an interpreted event Reality is constructed symbolically socially and personallyiiEx Different languages and colors of shirts3Elements of interpretationaSubjectivityiPoint of view who we are effects what we see What you do not value you overlook but what you do value you will pay attention tobSeeks to create a particular outlookcA study of intent and motivesiThink about things before you say them we look for motive in the act1What moves you What moves your feelings What move you to actdGoals to explain and critiqueiExplain interpret and understand behavioriiCritique is it useful if so when where and howwhat effect does it have Is it right wrong good bad4CT as a social science perspectiveaTruth as singulariThe truth is as accurate as the information you can getbTruth is discoverableiTruth is approachable and tangibleiiSomething you can reduce to numberscTruth is ult AbsolutedCharacteristics of soc SciiObjectivity1As opposed to to subjectivityiiEvidence is independent1Evidence should speak for itself evidence can stand aloneiiiOutside forces contrib to human behavior1They do not cause human behaviorivEmph Testing theoryCOMM THEORY RESEARCH TOPIC AREAS1Family Comm
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