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Communication Studies
CMST 1150
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CMST 1150 Final ExamIntroduction to Communication Theory lectureCommunication Theory as a general term a theory about communicationoA term defined by Earnest Ormann used as an umbrella term uses a social science methodologySocial Science view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of interpretive point of viewInterpretive view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of interpretive point of viewoSubjectivityoSeeks to create a particular outlookoA study of intent and motivesoGoals to explain and critiqueCommunication theory as an area within the Communication Studies DisciplineProblems with casual human observation and explanation of communication behaviorsResearch methods know types and which ones used by Communication Theory AreaPerception lecture Wood Ch 3Know the definitionconception of the followingoPerception The active process of selecting organizing and interpreting people objects events situations and activitiesPerception is an active processWe select certain things to notice and then we organize and interpret what we have selectively noticedPerception and communication influence each other Perception shapes our understanding of others communication and the choices we make in out own communicationWe organize perceptions even as we select what to perceive and we interpret in an ongoing manner3 Interrelated Stagesselection organization and interpretationEach process affects the other two oSelectionSelective exposureselective attentionoOrganizationConstructivisma theory that holds that we organize and interpret experience by applying cognitive structures called Cognitive Schemata or just SchemataCognitive schemataMental structures people use to organize and interpret experienceFour schemata have been identifiedprototypes personal constructs stereotypes and scriptsPrototypesare knowledge structures that define the clearest or most representative examples of some categoryoEx You probably have a prototype of a great teacher a true friend and a superb team leaderoAn ideal or best example of a categoryPersonal Constructsis a mental yardstick that allows us to measure a
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