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Exam 2 Review (highest grade in class)

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Communication Studies
CMST 1150
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1150 EXAM 2 REVIEWThe Exam will include 5055 questions multiple choice matching and truefalseYou will need a Large Scantron form and 2 pencils to record your answersIntroduction to Performance Studies K Filbel lecture7 basic assumptions of Performance StudiesaPerformance Studies examines behavior as an object of studyiHow is one acting Very revealingiiExample pickup linesbPerformance Studies involves doing performanceiReveals more than simple study ofiiEntering into the roleiiiHeuristicpotentially receive additional meanings you cannot get from the outsidecParticipant ObservationiMethod used to study performanceiiEthnographyexample studying bluegrass people by touring as a beginneriiiObserve by being a participantdFrequently involved in social practices and advocacyiHow do people practice their linesiiIdeologya system of beliefs1Neutral termpositive connotation2If ideologically driven ideas become more important than others blinded by the lightnegative connotationePerformance should be seen as a broad spectrum or continuum of behaviorsiContinuumexample walking distance but must analyze how that done before etciiNothing truly original in our behaviorsiiiComplex in methodologyfPerformance Studies views culture groups in 2 waysiAlways interactingone affecting another1Think of ancient trade even when language was different2Anthropological point3Creates identity within a group4Think of family rules to reflect values and upbringingiiCulture groups have distinct identities1X with circle around itwhat is and is not2Knowing your place in society3Perform your identity4Can create alienation
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