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Communication Studies
CMST 1150
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EXAM 3 REVIEW The exam will include approximately 70 questions multiple choice truefalse andor matching Introduction to Communication Theory Communication theory as a general term a theory about communication Social science view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of social scientific point of viewInterpretive view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of interpretive point of viewCommunication theory as an area within the Communication Studies disciplineProblems with casual human observation and explanation of communication behaviorsResearch methods know types and which ones used by Comm Theory AreaPerception Wood ch 3 Perception know the 3 stages the active process of selecting organizing and interpreting people objects events situations and activities 3 Stages1SelectionoWe notice things that stand out because they are intense or unusualoEducation makes us notice things we previously didntoIf we want something bad enough we may perceive its there even when its not2OrganizationoConstructivismwe organize and interpret experience by applying cognitive structures cognotative schemataoWe rely on 4 schemata to make sense of phenomenonaPrototypes knowledge structures that define the clearest or most representative examples of some category ex prototype of a good teacherbPersonal Constructs a mental yardstick that allows us to measure a person or situation along a bipolar dimension of judgment ex intelligentnot intelligent kind meancStereotypesa predictive generalization about a person or situationdScripts a sequence of activities that spells out how we and others are expected to act in a specific situation a guide to action ex hi how are you good thank you3Interpretation oThe subjective process of creating explanations for what we observe and experienceSelective exposureselective attentionSelective Exposure Selective Attention
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