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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

Meyers Briggs personality assessmentExtroversion IntroversionoThis is where you get your energy fromoExtroverts get their energy from other peopleIf they are depressed they like to be around other peopleThey like to talk and they like to do a lot of things at onceThey are very outgoingoIntroverts gather information from inside themselvesThese people usually think things through before they actThey crave alone timeThey like to do things for themselvesThey like to understand the situation before they actThey spend a lot of time thinking about relationships to gain a better understanding about the relationshipSensing IntuitionoThis refers to how people gather informationSensingThey like to follow a planThink about the senses touch feel etc They are pragmatic they believe objects are usefulThey live in the here and nowThey are steady workersThey like step by step instructions like to know we like to do this this and this they like to know the game planThey like proceduresNInitiationThese people are looking at the big picture the big ideasThey are very creativeThey look at things differentlyThey like to see what could happenThese people will trust their gut instinctsThey work in burst of energyThey are attractive to creative fieldsThinking FeelingoThis refers to how you make decisionsoThinkingThey are very cool and reservedThey have their own rules by which they make their decisions They will stick by these rules even if they dont make senseThey are very honest and directThey value honestly and fairnessThey are motivated by achievementThey like to argue and debate for funTheir decisions are based on some type of categoryoFeelingThey make decisions based on valuesThey appear warm and friendlyThey are concerned about othersThey take things personallyThey are motivated by appreciationThey tend to avoid conflictJudging PerceivingoThis is how you live your daily lifeoJudgingThey like to make decision very quicklyThey are on timeThey like schedulesThey like to plan thingsThey dont like things to be looseMost exciting part of a project is finishing a projectoPerceivingThey have difficulties making decisions bc they like to make sure they have explored all their optionsTime isnt that importantThey like to be spontaneous and often feel constricted by plansExciting part of a project is starting the projectP will drive J nuts and J will drive P nutsDefinition of interpersonal communicationThis is the intentional transactional process of creating shared meaning between two people with the goal of common understandingIntentional oSomething is done on purposeExtremely intentionaljob interview proposal presentationMiddle intentionalcommon conversation with someone with a goal in mind her conversation with her friend about picking up her childNot very intentionalif youre walking on a small sidewalk and pass someone you say hello to come across as a friendly person She didnt think about it very much but it was intentionalTransactionaloIt is simultaneous and a lot of things are going on at onceEx if you are having a conversation and the other person looks at her watch You may ask if she has somewhere to beEx if you are in a conversation while the other person is talking you may be thinking about what she is wearing or what you will say nextProcessoCommunication is always evolvingEx you had a conversation with someone the next time you spoke to them the conversation picked up where you left off It is a processoCommunication builds on itselfoYou cannot rewind conversation once we have said something we have placed it out there and we cannot take it backShared meaningoHow do you understand what she is saying Bc we speak EnglishoIts the process of creating a shared meaningoOnce she speaks to us about something you should then understand why and whats going to happen nextoMust understand what the other person is saying We want the other person to understand our meaning
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