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Communication Studies
CMST 2010
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MeyersBriggs measures personality on 4 different dimensions EI Extraversion or Introversion NS Intuition or Sensing TF Thinking or Feeling JP Judging or Perceiving 16 different combinationsIntrovert gather energy from being by themselves likes to be alone more purposeful in relationship spend a lot of time thinking about their relationship territorial about Extrovertget energy from other people very talkative likes activities which they get to meet new people feel anxious when they are by themselves for a long time all about connection calling texting acts first thinks secondSI Sensing or Intuition Describes how you gather your informationSensingSee hear taste touch very aware of their environment follow instructions shown specific break down of this very good at putting stuff together likes instructions typically goal orientated steps to get to a particular goal usually attracted to technical fields engineering Intuition lala land global thinkers communication studies liberal arts dont like instructions let things happen very creative why questions dont like things that are black and white like theory trust their gut instinct shut down when they get a lot of listsTF Thinking or Feeling what guides your decisionsThinking logic and reason likes rules so they know the parameters under which they are operating grow frustrated with people that dont use reason and logic to make their decision very hard to change a thinkers mind thinkers have a value system but they like the rules Ex Policeman Feeling makes their decisions on how it will affect other people or how they feel about it or what they think is fair and right they dont care about the rulesthey care about what is right compassionateconcerned about their relationships sometimes dont think a lot about their decision because they think it is the right decision JP how you make decisions in everyday life Really lead you in what you do day to day kind of drive each other crazyJudging Decided something quickly and move on opinionating trust their decisions like to have a plan not instructions on how to get their Perceiving want to make the right decisionbest one look at all the angles in making the decision end up making a decision at the last minute procrastinating Definition of interpersonal communication The process of message transaction between two people to create and sustain shared meaningFour stages of perception process Attending and Selecting Organizing Interpreting and RetrievingNegotiation Attending and Selecting The first stage of the Perception Process It requires us to use our visual auditory tactile and olfactory senses to respond to stimuli in our interpersonal environment When we are attentive and selective we are mindfulhaving the ability to engage our senses so that we are observant and aware of our surroundings We choose to attend to some stimuli and ignore others Most of the time we engage in selective perception where we pay attention to things that interest us in some way We select things based on their intensity or how unusual it isEx At the campus library Kendrick notices his friend talking to a woman in one of his classes he has wanted to meet and date Exampled continued through the four stages of the processOrganizing The second stage of the Perception Process Where we place what are often a number of confusing pieces of information into an understandable accessible and orderly arrangement We frequently categorize when we organizeEx Kendrick creates the belief that his friend and the women are close Continued from aboveInterpreting The third stage of the Perception Process Where we assign meaning to what we perceive Interpreting is required in every interpersonal encounter and despite our best efforts we often fail to bring everything we know about something to the interpretation stage resulting in a bias or a misunderstanding
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