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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

CHAPTER 3 COMMUNICATION CULTURE AND IDENTITYIntercultural communication refers to communication between and among individuals and groups whose cultural backgrounds differFor intercultural communication to occur individuals dont have to be from different countries In a diverse society we can experience intercultural communication within one state one town or even one neighborhood Trying to understand people who may think talklook and act differently may be difficult at times Theorists argue that humans cannot exist without culture Our individuality is constructed around cultureDefining CultureIt is complex multidimensionaland abstractCulture the shared personal and learned life experiences of a group of individuals who have a common set of values norms and traditions Norms are patterns of communication Traditions are customs of culture These values norms and traditions affect our interpersonal relationships within a cultureIts almost impossible to separate values norms and traditions from any conversation pertaining to intercultural communicationCulture Is Learned People learn the values norms and traditions of their culture though the communication of symbols for meaning It is learned consciously and unconsciously and directly and indirectly Enculturation occurs when a personeither knowingly or unknowingly learns to identify with a particular culture and a cultures thinking way of relating and worldview Enculturation allows for successful participation in a particular society and makes a person more accepted by that society First culture learning Exa young girl learns to dress like a girl and go to church on Sundays Acculturation occurs when a person learns adapts to and adopts the appropriate behaviors and rules of a host culture Acculturated individuals have effectively absorbed themselves into another society However you dont have to sacrifice your personal set of principles simply because you have found yourself in another culturesecond culture learningCulture Creates Community Community is the common understanding among people who are committed to coexisting Cultures create their own set of values norms rules and customs which help them to communicate
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