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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

CMST 2010 Test 2Chapter 4 Communicating VerballyVerbal symbols are important in interpersonal communication for many reasonsoLanguage cements social relationshipsWords connect people to one another and interpersonal relationships are constructed in everyday conversationoLanguage developed as a means to differentiate members of an ingroup from those of an outgroupIngroup people that are familiar with a certain technology and can use and understand certain statementsOutgroup people who are puzzled by such jargonMisunderstandings misinterpretations and inaccuracies often result from our necessary dependence on these symbol systemsVerbal messages can have dramatic even if unintended effectsVerbal and nonverbal message systems are inextricably intertwined and its really the interplay between them that makes meaningUnderstanding Verbal SymbolsLanguage a system comprised of vocabulary and rules of grammar that allow us to engage in verbal communicationVerbal Symbols words or the vocabulary that make up a language oVerbal symbols form the building blocks of interpersonal communicationGrammar the rules that dictate the structure of languageVerbal symbols are important to a language system but they must be accompanied by grammatical rules telling us how to use themEncoding the process of putting our thoughts and feelings into verbal symbols nonverbal messages or bothDecoding the process of developing a thought based on hearing verbal symbols observing nonverbal messages or bothEncoding and decoding both require an adequate vocabulary and a grasp of the rules of grammarAttributes of Verbal SymbolsFive Attributes of Words1Words Are Symbolic2Language Evolves3Words Are Powerful4Meanings for Verbal Symbols May Be Denotative of Connotative5Words Vary in Level of Abstraction1 Words Are SymbolicoSymbols are arbitrary mutually agreed upon labels or representations for feelings concepts objects or eventsoThere is not a direct relationship between the word and the thingoThe Triangle of MeaningGraphically represents the thought the thing and the word that stands for the thing on its three pointsThe word is not the thing but merely a symbol we have agreed to us to stand for itBy agreeing on symbols we can engage in communicationoUsually a group of speakers or a culture records their agreement about the meaning of words in a dictionary
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