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Communication Studies
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CMST 2010

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Chapter 3 Communication Culture and IdentityIntercultural Communication communication between and among individuals and groups from different cultural backgroundsCulture the shared personal and learned life experiences of a group of individuals who have a common set of values norms and traditionsEnculturation when a person either consciously or unconsciously learns to identify with a particular culture and a cultures thinking way of relating and worldviewAcculturation when a person learns adapts to and adopts the appropriate behaviors and rules of a host cultureCommunity the common understandings among people who are committed to coexistingCoCulture a culture within a cultureCulture Clash a conflict over cultural expectations and experiencesGlobal Village the concept that all societies regardless of their size are connected in some way The term also can be used to describe how communication technology ties the world into one political economic social and cultural systemOutsourcing a practice in which a nation sends work and workers to a different country because doing so is cost efficientCultural Variability Theory a theory that describes the four value dimensions individualismcollectivism uncertainty avoidance power distance masculinityfemininity that offer information regarding the value differences in a particular cultureUncertainty Avoidance a cultural mindset that indicates how tolerant or intolerant a culture is of uncertainty and changePower distance how a culture perceives and distributes powerMasculine Culture a culture that emphasizes characteristics stereotypically associated with masculine people such as achievement competitiveness strength and material successFeminine Culturea culture that emphasizes characteristics stereotypically associated with feminine people such as sexual equality nurturance quality of life supportiveness affection and a compassion for the less fortunateIndividualism a cultural mindset that emphasizes selfconcept and personal achievement and that prefers competition over cooperation the individual over the group and the private over the publicCollectivism a cultural mindset that emphasizes the group and its norms values and beliefs over the selfContext Orientation Theory the theory that meaning is derived from either the setting of the message or the words of a message and that cultures can vary in the extent to which message meaning is made explicit or implicitHighContent Culture a culture in which there is a high degree of similarity among members and in which the meaning of a message is drawn primarily from its context such as ones surroundings rather than from words
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