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Exam 3 Study GuideLectureEmotionsTypesstate trait and contagion1stateemotion connected to an event or experience EX 2traitunderlying emotion that one experiences all the time EXsomeone who is happy regardless of any situation any basic emotion one experiences everyday3contagionwe catch emotions from someone else EXspending time with someone who is happy will most likely eventually make you happyEmotions and Commemotional experience emotional communication communicating emotionally1emotional communicationDESCRIBING our emotions EXIt really hurts my feelings when you say that2Communicating emotionallyDISPLAYING our emotions EXwhen youre mad you raise your voice3Emotional experiencefeeling of emotionFacilitative and debilitative emotions and coping1facilitative emotiontimes when we use emotions to benefit relationships2debilitativetimes when we use emotions to cause problems in relationships3copingcan we manage our emotions and communicate effectively If so were more likely to make a better decisionWhen not to express emotionssocial expectations vulnerability protecting others professional roles1social expectationsthere are times when certain emotions are not appropriate EXcrying at a funeral vs crying at a football game2vulnerabilitytimes when we dont show emotions because we dont want to be vulnerable protecting the self EXin middle school if someone pisses you off you dont let them know they did3protect otherstimes when you want to protect others EXyou get into law school and your friend didnt dont show overly happy emotions and rub it in4 parts of emotional intelligence1reflectively regulatingmonitor emotional state aware of emotions2understandingability to labelidentify emotions broad view of emotions not just happysad3assimilating into thoughtonce you have emotional experience do we remember emotions well Connect emotion to memory4perceiving and expressing emotionsunderstanding emotions recognizing and identifying others emotions and can we express emotions effectivelyDeceptionDefinition types ways to deceive and motives1deceptionnegative violation of our expectations2lieone person intending to mislead another doing so deliberately without prior notification and without being asked to do so32 types of liesamalicioushurtful lies harmful to relationshipbbenevolentwhite lies used to protect another person4Ways to lieaConcealconceal the truth omit information dont tell specifics or detailsbFalsifyomitting information and providing false infomore maliciousi3 ways to falsify1exaggerationsoverstate the truth2understatementlacking details down playing it
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