Chp 5 Outline: Nonverbal Communication (aced the test and got 96%)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2010
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Chp 5Nonverbal CommunicationDefining Nonverbal CommunicationNonverbal CommunicationAll behaviors other than spoken words that communicate message and create shared meaning between people3 parameters of nonverbal communication oElectronic communicationit isnt included in the definitionoWhen shared meaning is referred toa national culture agrees on how to construe a behavioroVerbal and nonverbal communication work together to create meaningThe way people communicate nonverbally influencesoHow relationships are established maintained and dissolvedoThe diagnosis of healthrelated problems such as autismoThe number of sexual partners a person hasoHow babies show emotionaldistressoMarital satisfaction and stabilityoPerceptions of beautyInteraction adaptation theoryindividuals simultaneously adapt their communication behavior to the communication behavior of othersPrinciples of Nonverbal CommunicationNonverbal Communication is Often AmbiguousoMajor factors for this ambiguityShared fields of experienceCurrent surroundingsCultureNonverbal Communication Regulates ConversationoTurntakingin a conversation nonverbal regulators that indicate who talks when and to whomEx Leaning forward to get a chance to speakWhen we dont want to get interrupted we avoid eye contact and keep our vocal pattern consistent so that others dont have an opportunity to begin talkingBy raising or lowering our pitch level to stress our last word or syllable we can yield the conversation floorNonverbal Communication is More Believable than Verbal CommunicationoActions speak louder than wordsNonverbal Communication May Conflict with Verbal CommunicationoMixed messagethe incompatibility that occurs when our nonverbal messages are not congruent with our verbal messagesEx When a physician frowns as she says that the prognosis Looks goodoWhen confronted with a mixed message people have to choose whether to believe the nonverbal or the verbal behaviors
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