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CMST 2010 Test 2 (got 93% on the test)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2010
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CMST 2010 Test 2 chapters 5 and 7 nonverbal deception emotionCHAPTER 5Nonverbal any communication other than the words you sayHow you say words what you do with your body eye contact facial expressionsWell over 50 of communication is nonverbal7 of communication is verbalMostly unconsciousPrimarily biologicalWhy bc our body is programmed to prepare us for itContinuous always nonverbally communicatingMultichannel hard for us to single in on what is importantIntensity eye contact 5 inch finger nailsBc concentrating on intensity missing the messageEx trying to cover up that you are mad person can tell anywayNONVERBAL COMMUNICATION INFLUENCES1How relationships are established maintained and dissolved2The diagnosis of health related problems such as autism3The number of sexual partners a person has had4How babies show emotional distress5Marital satisfaction and stability6Perceptions of beautyPrinciples1Ambiguous2Regulates our conversationaRegulates when someone needs to respond pauses pitch of voice3More credible book believableaWe put more credit into nonverbal communication than verbal communicationbHow do you decide to ask who to ask for directions Look approachable how they are dressed demeanor does this person look threatening agecbc its biologically based4Conflicts with verbal communication mixed messages6 types of nonverbal communication1Happiness2Sadness3Fear4Anger5Disgust6SurpriseFacial expressions of these things are the same in every countryOften ambiguous in a grey areaoSmiling at someone can be friendly or flirtyLeakage when we leak out nonverbal communication when trying to cover it upNONVERBAL COMMUNICATION CODESoKinesics body movement
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