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Exam 3Monday March 14 20111029 AM Relational Dynamics Relationship DevelopmentoInterpersonal relationshipan association in which the partners meet one anothers social needsSocial needsirreplaceabilitycant have the same relationship with another personNever find the same relationship you have with someone Unique rulespreprescribed social normsrolesAs a relationship emerges we come up with our own rulesExgender roles whats appropriate behavior of men and womenCommon lenses through which we might view a relationshipContextclassify relationships based on contextExwork friends school friends familyBut it doesnt say one thing about the relationshipTime FunctionsGee Ive known him for 42 yearsTime in this way isnt interesting like contextAmount of time you choose on your own free will to spend with someone or interactIntimacyIt is difficult to define but you know it when you see itSome level of closenessThree types of intimacy wemight engage in an interpersonal relationshipEmotionalIntellectualsimilar interestPhysicalhaptic behaviorA romantic relationship with all three has a better chance to survive over the long haulPower Three types of relationships that emerge based on powerComplimentary relationshipwhere there are clear power roles one individual is dominant and the other is submissiveOne up one down relationshipSymmetrical relationshipone up one up or one down one downTwo people are competing for dominance both struggling for controlParallel relationshipone across one across
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