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CMST 2010 Exam 1 Notes (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

CMST 2010 Exam 1 NotesInterpersonal CommunicationACommunication aProblematic termhas been spread out to encompass many things bUsed in a lot of different wayscInterested in the social aspect of communicationsiHumans interactingdCommunication is born of society and productive of society BDefinition Communication is the collective creation maintenance and transformation of meaning and expectations through the sending and using of messages CCollectivemore than one person must be involveaInterdependent activityneed other people coordinating and collaborating bDoes NOT imply you are going to reach an agreement ie arguing cCommunicare Latin to share or make common DOrganizingcreates a sense of inner peace and predicatively aPeople do to reduce uncertainty ECreation birth Maintenance life transformation deathlife cycle aNon permanent nature of communicationiwords have no meaning ie gayiiwords are always evolvingbcollective consciencecollective social world which we create where we get the norms and expectations cwe create meaning and expectation FSociety is going along without a planscares people aPluralismthings can be a lot of different ways but not just a single old way bowling bowl and guttersa bowling bowl can go many directions but cannot cross the invisible boundaries of the gutters
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